All work and no blasting makes Blastbots…something something.

On the scale of general automated awesomeness, it goes: robots, battlebots, battlebots with attitude, then battlebots with attitude and crazy weaponry.  Kabam has jumped straight to the top of the scale with their newest iOS game, Blastron, which features all of the above in multiplayer death matches.

Kabam is no stranger to creating expansive multiplayer experiences, with games like Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North and Age of Chaos under their belt.  Blastron, however, presents a much faster paced, match-focused experience, pitting your bots against your opponents’ in synchronous battles.


Blastron‘s gameplay appears to most closely resemble that of Worms: turn-based battles take place on stages of variable terrain that will have to be navigated (or blown up) as you attempt to out-blast your competition.  Strategic decision-making comes into play when choosing between attempting to collect useful pick-ups from around the map or going all-out destructive.  And just like our favorite armless annelids, the bots have an impressive arsenal at their disposal, from grenades to rocket launchers, machine guns to—well, what can’t a robot use, really?

These weapons and other upgrades will be unlockable as you succeed in multiplayer or single-player matches, with the potential for thousands of Blastbot combinations.  No two robot death squads are the same, and Blastron has the adorable costumes to prove it.  Of course, if you do run into an opponent wearing the same dress to this party, simply use that anger to fuel the flames of aggression and face-blasting for even more kills, experience points, coinage, and costumes.


All of you lucky Canadian-bots can play Blastron right now, as it launched on Canada’s app store last week.  The rest of us will have to be content with rusty Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots matches in our basement until it shows up elsewhere, hopefully sometime soon.