Fly through space and rescue friends with the power of phat beats.

Some might say that human astronauts have the coolest possible jobs. Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t. All we know for sure is that space travel can be tedious. Think of enduring all that cold, black space that’s only dotted with a few points of distant light. The astronaut that zips through Lucky Frame’s Wave Trip has a better idea: she travels through beautiful alien worlds on waves of actual sound. It’s more exciting than eating a house made of freeze-dried ice cream.


Lucky Frame is the studio behind Bad Hotel, an indicator that it already specializes in offbeat games. That said, Wave Trip is an iOS title that’s all about staying on beat. You’re an alien astronaut triangle (a female alien astronaut triangle, apparently), and your job is to ride the music and rescue your geometrical friends.

Creation is the key to victory. As with Bad Hotel and Lucky Frame’s first title, Pugs Luv Beats, player input goes a long way to a successful journey. Each level of Wave Trip can be edited, remixed, and then shared. In fact, creating a level in the game is not unlike writing your own piece of music. Wave Trip aims to challenge you—but it also wants you to chill out and flow with the music, man.

Wave Trip

Wave Trip hits the App Store on January 22. Let your music pierce the vacuum of space.