Kitties are cute and should be saved, and save them you will in Jones On Fire.

Your name is Emma Jones, and you are a firefighter. You are also an aficionado of kitties, which is why you’re willing to risk your life to save them from a horrible fate in a raging inferno. With cat-like speed and grace, you’ll run, jump and slide across a blistering landscape, the kitties you’ve rescued trailing close behind you. Help them, Jones! You are their only hope!


Originally developed for BlazeJam, a 48-hour charity game jam to support victims of last year’s wildfires in Colorado, Jones On Fire has evolved significantly from its original iteration with the addition of new art, levels and “substantially changed” gameplay. The overhauled game appears to be a fairly conventional runner at heart based on the trailer up on YouTube, but the blocky, almost Lego-like art style is certainly unique and the action looks fast and challenging.

You’ll have to stay ahead of the fire while jumping over and sliding under objects, collecting all the kitties you can as you go. Saving kitties will unlock Jones’ “true potential,” which will allow you to save even more kitties and move ever higher on the online leaderboards. It may not be game of the year material, but the graphics alone make it worth a second look, and there are kitties! So maybe it will be game of the year, after all.

Jones On Fire

Jones On Fire is scheduled to come out a little later this year, first on iOS devices and then later for Android. Versions for the PC, Mac and/or Linux are also a possibility.