I’ll trade 2 wool for your desktop PC

Do you like Settlers of Catan?  If you’ve played it, the answer is almost definitely a big “yes.”  The award winning board game has been tantalizing tabletop players and digital gamers alike for more than a decade – and it’s about to get a  fresh new coat of paint for PC and Mac gamers.


Catan‘s official desktop iteration will be handled by USM – the same developers responsible for the splendid mobile version of the game that released in 2009.  Don’t let that confuse you, though;this isn’t merely and up-rezzed port of a mobile game.  Instead, Catan has been built from the ground up for desktop play.  Expect full 3D graphics, two expansions (Seafarers and Cities and Knights), and even a new scenario editor to let you create and share your own islands online.

If you haven’t played Settlers of Catan before, this is a terrific game of building and bartering that really puts the “social” back in gaming.  It’s sold 15 million copies of the physical game since it’s 1995 release for a reason, so be sure to keep Catan on your watchlist.

You’ll be able to trade your two brick for my three wheat later in Q1 2013.