Pigs do more than just wait in line to wind up on your breakfast table. Some of them are actually seasoned explorers (Mmm—seasoned). For absolute proof, look at the stout, four-legged protagonist for the PC game Full Bore. If the Kickstarter goes through, you’ll be able to dig, fight, solve puzzles, and go adventuring with a lump of tusked bacon.

Full Bore is an adventure/puzzle title by Whole Hog Games, a three-man team in Santa Clara, California. The game stars an impoverished young boar with a talent for digging. Piggy (okay, his name is Frederick) paddles through the dirt in search for treasure, though the underworld holds surprises that are far more impressive (and frightening) than a few old bottle caps. Full Bore‘s gameplay is based around action-heavy games like Metroid and Mr Driller, so prepare for a long, involved search.

Whole Hog Games is hoping that a successful Kickstarter will grant the amount of money necessary to let the team give the game the attention it deserves. The basic groundwork for Full Bore is laid out, however, and about a third of the work is done.  In fact, you can download a lengthy demo that essentially serves as the first act of the game. It’s a good way to familiarize yourself with Frederick, his story, and the game’s complex puzzles. You can also get a feel for the environments, the pixel-based artwork, and the chiptune music. Try before you buy!

If you decide to pledge to Full Bore, there are plenty of crispy and delicious incentives that you can consume. For $7, you get a DRM-free download of the game. For $15, you get the game, digital wallpapers, and your name in the credits. For $20, you get the other rewards, plus a digital version of the soundtrack as soon as the Kickstarter is done.


For higher pledges, you can receive the game, the soundtrack, a print, and a T-shirt ($100). For $300, you can work with Whole Hog Games to design your own area of the game. And for $1000, you can work on a larger area of the game, plus you can put your alter-ego in there, too. You’ll also get a lifetime subscription to Whole Hog’s games and lunch with the team if you can make it to the San Francisco Bay Area (try digging).

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