This is exactly why we don’t give licenses to squirrels

The reasons why other animals don’t drive cars are numerous. But if you looked at the very top of the list, it would say “complete and utter disregard for traffic laws.” Such is the case with the creatures in Noble Nutlings. They’re a rambunctious bunch of squirrel-things, driving around on jalopies made up of items like oranges, beach balls, and turtle shells. Although I can’t say for certain, something tells me that’s illegal. Awesome, but still illegal.

Thankfully, the Nutlings keep their reckless behavior off the roads, choosing instead to race through the forest and other nature-y areas. Problem is, none of these places are easy to drive in, and the would-be speed demons need your help to avoid crashing. This means constructing their vehicles, guiding them, and boosting at all the necessary moments. You’re basically babysitting a bunch of danger-loving squirrels with an affinity for fast vehicles, which is something I’m pretty sure the Baby-sitter’s Club never had to deal with.

The game plays something like a cross between Fluffy Nutties and Bad Piggies, which feels appropriate considering that it was developed by three former Rovio employees. But don’t you go thinking they’re ripping off their former boss or anything – Noble Nutlings seems to have plenty of unique ideas to call its own, not to mention the fact that you can use watermelons as wheels. I’d like to see Nascar try something so bold.

Noble Nutlings

Noble Nutlings is coming to iOS on January 10. I suggest reading a couple of auto repair manuals before then and—time permitting—heading down to the library and seeing what you can learn about squirrel psychology.