It’s a real shame how underrepresented the FPS genre is. Just try and think of the last game that featured even a single concept from it. If you’re drawing a blank, worry not! Soda Drinker Pro is here to make the first-person soda genre relevant again, improving your life tenfold in the process.

The thing you need to understand about Soda Drinker Pro is that it’s amazing. And while I hate to dust off the old “games as art” argument, this game pretty much resolves it. It’s the virtual equivalent of a billion Monet paintings, what with its breathtaking visuals and flawless soda-drinking mechanics. The world of Soda Drinker Pro is one where anything is possible; where the soda floweth endlessly into our undeserving gullets. It’s also free, and can be downloaded here.

While I’d hate to spoil the game’s incredible plot and concept, it’s only fair that I give you a taste of what you’re about to experience. Basically, you get to walk around areas like the beach, the park, and space, and you get to drink soda. Did that sentence just blow your mind? Are you okay? I tried to warn you about its sheer brilliance.


I know it looks like real life, but this is actually a screenshot.

I suggest letting all that sink in for a few moments before actually trying the game. But don’t wait too long, as I suspect the Internet will soon collapse under Soda Drinker Pro‘s magnitude.