You’ll come for the time travel, but stay for the robotic duck.

Time is as much man’s worst enemy as it is his best friend. On the one hand, it marches forward relentlessly and ignores our entreaties to slow down. But on the other hand, it provides us all with some sick waves to surf on. That last part is true, right? Time Surfer for iOS isn’t lying to me?

I’m just going to assume it’s true, because I’m an optimist and that’s what optimists do. But whatever the case, Bean’s Quest developer Kumobius has one quirky game on their hands with Time Surfer. It may be a card-carrying member of the crowded endless runner genre, but it has some pretty interesting ideas under its belt. It’s kind of like Tiny Wings, if the bird from that game chugged a bunch of Mountain Dew and learned how to travel back in time.

In Time Surfer, you cascade across a hill-covered terrain, dodging obstacles and collecting power-ups. If you mess up, you can try and save yourself by reversing time. And considering the fact that you’ll occasionally be moving through the world at “warp speed,” that power ought to come in pretty handy. I only wish I could go back in time and rescue myself from tripping in front of the entire school during that fateful Alice in Wonderland play. Maybe then I wouldn’t cringe so much whenever someone mentions Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Time Surfer looks to be a celebration of all things time travel, featuring popular tropes like the “80’s Time Car” and the “Future Assassin.” There’s also a Robo Duck, which is a character I wish would show up in more video games. Appropriately, Time Surfer appears to be ahead of its time.

Time Surfer

The game is set to launch later this month. I’d love to provide an exact date, but alas – I’m no time traveler.