Obludia pays tribute to action-shooter classics like Smash TV, but throws in some monsters and zombies for flavor

The New Year is newborn, and that means a lot of resolutions. You may have resolved to lose weight, or find a new job, or pay back that angry loaner who’s been threatening your kneecaps for the better part of a month now, but guess what? Monsters make resolutions, too. They pledge to wreak more havoc, be 20% more creepy, and kidnap more dames and dudes. What can you do? You can resolve to be a hero through arcade-style PC games like Obludia.

Obludia is an oldschool top-down shooting game that’s easy to pick up and play (if one if your resolutions involves simplifying your life, hey, two birds, one stone!). In fact, Obludia is purposefully crafted to remind you of arcade arena action games like Robotron and Smash TV.

But while Obludia is short one smiling game host with pretty girls permanently attached to his hip, there are plenty of non-human invaders. Prepare to take aim at slimes, spiders, demons, and slugs. There are also traps to avoid, unless you can think of a really good reason to jump on an active buzzsaw.

Luckily, you can counter most threats with the aid of a slime-shooting gun and potions. The game’s action takes place in several dungeon chambers, several of which have a maiden that’s in need of saving. Beware: Said maidens are vulnerable to damage and they’re apparently delicious, as the creepy-crawlies seem to gravitate towards them.


Obludia will be available for download in January/February 2013, but you can pre-order at a discounted price right now. If you’ve been craving some Smash-TV action but you also want something a little different, try changing the channel over to something that’s heavier on monster-killing action.