Fun fact: space is a pretty big place

There are a whole lot of games that take place in space, but very few of them manage to capture just how incredibly massive it is (it’s pretty massive, you guys). With its infinite, procedurally generated planets, Starbound is hoping to change that, and subsequently remind us all of how amazing our ever-expanding universe truly is.

Starbound begins with you just barely escaping your planet before it’s destroyed by an unknown enemy. You have nowhere to go; no place to call home. You manage to locate an abandoned space station, which you quickly move into and use to explore the final frontier that is space.


And explore you will, as no two of the game’s infinite planets are identical. Factors like gravity, terrain, weather, difficulty level, alien creatures, and more are all procedurally generated, which in turn provides you with an incredible amount of quests and story missions to embark on. You’ll be doing things like seeking out rare creatures, amassing a crew for your space station, and performing research, to name but a few examples. And the more you accomplish, the faster you’ll be able to upgrade your station and its facilities, little by little turning it into your new home.

And because learning and exploring frequently go hand in hand, you can read up on every single object in the game by examining it, which goes a long way towards making Starbound‘s world feel like a real one. If you examined the “Krabmikaze” creature, for example, you’d find out that it’s dangerous. Who would have thought?


To top it all off, you can also claim a planet as your own and customize it to your heart’s content. This means terraforming its terrain, altering the weather, and filling it up with characters you’ve met along the way. This portion of the game is a little more sim-like, as you’ll be in charge of caring for your planet’s inhabitants.

Starbound‘s homepage states that there’s quite a bit about the game that hasn’t been revealed yet, so if this preview has you intrigued, it’s probably in your best interest to check up on it now and then until release. Speaking of, the game is set to launch sometime early next year. If you wish to be alerted when it’s out, go ahead and click the “Follow” button on top of this page!