Blowing up your opponent > passing them in a race

Trained professional or not, racing can be incredibly dangerous. I mean, you’re driving a car at an absurdly fast speed, so of course you’re susceptible to potential injury. That’s why it’s always best to live out your vehicular fantasies from the comfort of a racing game – like the cleverly-titled Speed Kills, for example.

As developer Holy Warp tells it, Speed Kills is a racing game inspired by classics like Rock ‘n Roll Racing. As the trailer (below) shows, the game wears its inspiration with pride, featuring an isometric perspective and combat-focused gameplay. Because if you can’t be faster than another racer, blowing them up is a perfectly acceptable alternative.

Players will have an interesting selection of vehicles to choose from, such as pickup trucks and hover cars. I personally think it would be awesome to beat a hover car with an old, rusty pickup truck, so that’s what I plan to race in. I’ll likely be at something of a disadvantage in terms of speed, but thankfully Speed Kills offers a variety of upgrades and customization options for players to deck out their vehicles with.

All the action will take place across 5 different planets, each of which features its own championship. These championships will be home to over 50 different courses in total, which measures out to a whole lot of racing. Here’s to hoping my pickup truck (which I’ve already given the nickname of “Ethel”) doesn’t end up in the auto shop by then – mostly because I have no idea how much auto repairs cost on other planets, or if I even have the appropriate currency for them.

Speed Kills

Speed Kills doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but it’s supposed to launch sometime early next year. Be sure to click the “Follow” button on top of this page if you wish to be notified of when it’s out!