Eat, build, adventure, then eat some more with Eat Eat Hooray!

Many of us are kind of self-conscious about our weight. We pick, we nibble, and we “couldn’t possibly eat another bite,” when in actuality we could happily stuff our faces into a black forest chocolate cake and eat our way out. With everyone being so finicky about their food, it’s nice to see an iOS game that celebrates eating. It’s even called Eat Eat Hooray! Yes! We agree! Hooray for sustenance!

Eat Eat Hooray!Eat Eat Hooray!

Eat Eat Hooray! is a new game by Playforge, the studio behind Zombie Farm 2, Zombie Life, and Tree World. The game is populated by “Morps,” little dinosaur creatures that will happily ask, “You gonna eat that?” and then slide your untouched plate towards them. Morps live for two things: Building and eating. But when an evil dinosaur wizard named Rexputin kidnaps all the Morp-izens, it’s up to you, the sole survivor, to rebuild Morp-hattan and rescue your roly-poly pals.

If you want to save the Morps, you need to find them first. Finding your friends involves travelling across different worlds, digging into the soil and facing danger—but if you’re lucky, you might come across some treasure. Hey, finders keepers.

Eat Eat Hooray!Eat Eat Hooray!

When you’re not digging for resources or for traces of your friends, you’re building. The reconstruction of Morp-hattan is in your stubby little hands; you don’t want to rescue the Morps just to have them live in a cardboard box, right? The good news is that you can dress up your Morp in all manner of costumes, so you can look fabulous while you build.

Eat Eat Hooray! hits the App Store soon. Don’t forget to eat something before you play.