Contra-style action lives on in Chaos Domain for iOS

Internet-based fandoms are thick with weird pairings, but here’s a new one for you. What if Konami’s classic run-and-gun Contra games hooked up with Anubis, the Egyptian god of judgment and mummification? You’d get Chaos Domain for iOS, an action title that combines guns, guns, and more guns with a protagonist that, for some reason, feels the need to crib Anubis’s dark style.

Chaos Domain is greatly influenced by Contra, but it also pays tribute to Shadow Complex and Doom Troopers—games that emphasize exploration as much as survival. Chaos Domain takes place on a sprawling spaceship that’s populated by cultists, and you need to fight your way out. It’s kind of unusual that a man/robot dressed like Anubis would be the one “normal” being in a nest of cultists, though. Maybe we’re in for a twist!

Chaos Domain is powered by Unreal, so the game moves smoothly even when dozens of cultists are flying in your face at once. There are over 30 levels to blast through, and there are tons of weapons to collect and upgrade. Spreader 4eva.

Chaos Domain

Chaos Domain is coming to the App Store early in 2013, and PC and XBLA ports might be in the works, too. If you see someone, anyone who looks like Anubis, call him a good dog—and then make peace with your deity, because you’re probably dead.