Those elements aren’t gonna defend themselves.

Isn’t it crazy how defensive some people get when you try and lay waste to their towers? I mean, it’s a free world, and I can go around destroying large, manmade structures if I want to. Take the protagonist of Elements Defender, for example. She’s super gung-ho about protecting the towers that maintain the balance of the world she lives in. Lighten up, am I right?

I suppose I can only be so upset. It’s her job to protect the last magic crystal in the land, after all, and a paycheck is a paycheck. Besides, with myriad weapons and an assortment of magical powers in her possession, she’s darn good at what she does. And there’s more to her gig than just defending an all-powerful crystal – she must also roam the lands and activate the many towers throughout. That takes some serious bravery, considering all the monsters trying to stop her.

The game doesn’t skimp on the amount of enemies it throws her way, either. As the trailer above does a good job of showing, she’s constantly pit against swarms of them, giving Elements Defender a style of gameplay that’s reminiscent of action RPGs like Torchlight 1 and 2.  And the similarities don’t stop there, as the game also features combat-ready pets and a variety of boss battles over the course of its five chapters.

Elements Defender

Elements Defender doesn’t have a release date just yet, but Bluefir, the game’s developer, has said it should be hitting the App Store soon. If you’re in the market for a game that pairs tower defense and action RPG mechanics in what looks to be an interesting way, go ahead and click the “Follow” button atop this page to be notified of when it’s out!