Because slots and pugs were always meant to be together.

Actual slot machines are, to put it nicely, kind of a crapshoot. You stand to win a whole lot of money, but the odds are stacked greatly against you (having entered a casino a whole three times in my life, I’m basically an expert). Zynga has been hard at work on developing a digital facsimile of the slot machine experience; one that makes the player feel a little more capable of winning. It’s called Zynga Elite Slots (not to be confused with the previously-released Zynga Slots), and it’s launching soon on a Facebook near you.

Where most slot machines give you little more than empty pockets and regret, the ones in Zynga Elite Slots serve up a steady stream of rewards and prizes. Pretty much any time you play the game, you’re going to feel like you progressed somehow or won something. Perhaps you earned some extra coinage, thus allowing you to play longer in one sitting. Or maybe you walked away with some gems, which in turn can be spent on things like pets.

Zynga Elite Slots

And, unlike Vegas, pets are more than welcome in Zynga Elite Slots. They’re essentially the protagonists of the game, and players have the ability to unlock more of them as they progress. And while they all possess the shared trait of cuteness, each of them features a different power or ability to call their own. The dog has a better chance of finding extra gems as you play, and sharks are better at fighting bosses (yes, there are bosses), to name but a few examples.

As the mention of bosses gives away, there’s more to the game than just slots. There are several “themes” in Zynga Elite Slots (these could also be described as levels), the primary goal of each one being to get your pet from point A to point B. Their progression is linked directly to your slot-playing, similar to what you frequently see on the screens atop slot machines in Vegas. And once you and your pet make it to the end of a level, you’ll take on a boss. This, too, is handled with slots. Whenever you get a match, you damage the boss.

And being that this is a social game, you’ll likely encounter your friends a lot while playing. For starters, you and other players will frequently be working together to both reach and subsequently defeat bosses. And whenever someone you know gets a big win, their pet will run across your screen and drop some loot in front of you.

Zynga Elite Slots

If you’re the type who pines for virtual rewards beyond just gems and coins, there will also be leaderboard integration, along with the ability to write on your friends’ Facebook walls when you pass them in the game. I can’t speak from experience, but seeing your turtle fly by your friend’s shark is probably an amazing feeling.

Zynga Elite Slots will launch with six themes, including Enchanted Forest, High Noon, Treasure of Anubis, House of Fangs, and more. As stated above, the game is slated to arrive sometime in the near future. If it looks up your alley, be sure to click the “Follow” button on top of this page to be alerted when it’s live!