The gingerbread men are running for their lives again in OvenBreak 2

Run, run, fast as you can. The Gingerbread Man takes no prisoners. OvenBreak 2 is coming to iOS just in time for the holidays with another story about GingerBrave, the sassy little cookie that refused to be eaten. Just try it, pal—he’ll play merry heck with all your expensive dental work.

OvenBreak 2 is an endless runner. Hey, if you were a sentient cookie with baked-on legs, you’d use those stubby gams to cut and run, too. Aside from fleeing, you can also jump, double-jump, and slide to avoid obstacles. The game uses two-button controls, so learning how to escape shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just a matter of whether or not you have the guts and the stamina.

You can choose to race for your life as one of several gingerbread critters, including a GingerClaus or a quick-footed NinjaBread. Each GingerPerson has special powers, though there are talents inherent to the species. You can fly, for example, if you collect enough jellies and enter Fever Mode. The GingerFolk can also collect different charms and boosts to accentuate their spicy ginger-powers.

Ovenbreak 2

Ovenbreak 2

The holidays are all about friends, and so is OvenBreak 2. Get on Facebook and take advantage of the good pre-holiday mood between your family members by challenging them to beat your highest score and gain coveted achievements. Do it now before you all start tossing back the port on Christmas Eve and say things that’ll alienate you from one another for the next six months.

OvenBreak 2 is expected to hit the App Store later this week.