Regardless of how you feel about The Simpsons these days, I think we can all agree the show knows how to celebrate the holidays. The annual Treehouse of Horror episodes are the most obvious example, but it would be foolish to dismiss the series’ many heartwarming (and hilarious) Christmas episodes. If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing one, or simply pine for as much festive content as you can get your mitten-covered hands on, you’ll be pleased as Christmas punch to know that The Simpsons: Tapped Out has just received a holiday makeover.

The update is available now, and provides players with exclusive characters like Santa Homer, new buildings like Santa’s Village, and a variety of holiday décor, including Christmas trees and colored lights. A new currency known as “Santa Coins” has also been implemented, which players can earn by performing holiday jobs. These coins, in turn, can be spent on Christmas-y items.


But the icing on the fruit cake, as far as we’re concerned, is Santa’s Little Helper. He’s the family dog in the show, and was adopted by Homer in the very first episode. It was incredibly heartwarming, actually. He’s one of the new characters available in the update, and we’re pretty anxious to find out if he helps out Santa Homer on his mission to deliver presents.

In case you missed it, Tiny Tower and Angry Birds Seasons also received pretty major holiday updates, which you can read about by clicking on their names in this very sentence. Pretty meta, right?