Play Barn Yarn to make a home that’s suitable for both man and beast.

When you were a youngster and you chewed with your mouth open, or put your elbows on the table, or purposefully tossed your plate of food up onto the ceiling, your mother probably exclaimed, “What, were you raised in a barn?” The implication is that barns are filthy places where animals do their filthy animal things, but Barn Yarn, a simulation game for the PC, seeks to bring an end to the myth that humans can’t live comfortably and neatly inside a barn.

Barn Yarn is the latest release from the creators of the Gardenscapes series. Barn Yarn is actually a continuation of another Playrix title, Farmscapes, a match-3 game that involved bringing a farm back into working order. The farm has been saved, and your goal in Barn Yarn is to raise up your family in a happy, cozy barn. Granted, said barn is a bit of a fixer-upper, and you need to raise money and apply a bit of a spit-shine to make it livable.

Fixing up the barn involves earning money by selling things around the house (“Grandpa doesn’t need his heart medication, right?”) and purchasing the materials you need to make the structure livable. There are over 60 objects to decorate your barn with, and three styles to choose from. Much like the Gardenscapes series, Barn Yarn features a heaping helping of hidden object segments to tie it all together – expect a whopping 30 locations and 3000 objects to find.

Barn Yarn

Barn Yarn

Barn Yarn will be available on Playrix’s website starting December 13. Work hard, and your barn will be suitable for human and cow alike. You can start by prying that “CONDEMNED” sign off the door.