Maybe Tetrominos aren’t so awful after all

If you think about it, Tetris blocks (also known as Tetrominos) have always been kind of a nuisance. Why else would we be trying to destroy them every chance we get? With that in mind, I’m having a little trouble adjusting to how MouseCraft is played. There are Tetrominos everywhere, and you aren’t trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible! In fact, you use them to solve a bunch of puzzles. What’s this world coming to?

MouseCraft tells the epic tale of mice looking to make their way to a piece of cheese. There are a variety of gaps and other obstacles in the way, and players must use Tetrominos to create a path for the poor rodents. It’s a walk in the park at first, but the game eventually starts throwing some pretty intense puzzles your way.

To make things more challenging, there are also three stars in every level up for grabs. These present another layer of difficulty, although it helps greatly that you can remove and add blocks whenever you like—including when the mice are scampering about the level.

There will be two modes in MouseCraft: Puzzle and Arcade. Each will contain 100 levels, which is an ungodly amount of cheese if you really think about it. And don’t even get me started on the level editor, which has the potential of upping the cheesiness exponentially. I hope those mice like stomachaches.


The game is currently in beta, and those interested in trying it out can do so here. Crunching Koalas, the awesomely-named developer, is currently on the prowl for feedback, so really you’re doing them a favor by playing it.  And as a thank you, everyone who partakes in the beta and helps out will end up with their name in the credits!