Crossing the streams has never been easier

Man, the good news about Ghostbusters just keeps on coming. First Bill Murray announces that he’s willing to participate in the third film, and now Beeline Interactive has announced that they’re developing an iOS game based on the franchise. Other than Hi-C bringing back that Ecto Cooler drink from forever ago, what more could you want?


The game, simply titled Ghostbusters, puts players in the shoes of a new member of the eponymous ghost-hunting team. New York has again come under attack by a powerful paranormal force, and it’s your (and your fellow Ghostbusters’) job to fend it off. This requires—as I’m sure you’ve guessed—going around and capturing every ghost in sight, including the ever-devious librarian from the first film. Seriously, she’s the worst.

In the beginning, you’ll only have items like proton packs and ghost traps in your arsenal. But you’ll be able to upgrade your gear by conducting experiments, locating “strange and exotic” slimes, and capturing ghosts. And with better gear comes additional opportunities, as you’ll gain access to higher paying gigs and extra prestige, which you can then filter back into your business.


And because taking out ghosts requires teamwork, players will have an employee roster in their possession, along with the ability to upgrade their workers as they see fit. Maybe you’ll be able to upgrade Slimer into not being a total jerk.

There’s no release date just yet, but Beeline mentioned in the game’s press release that it should hit the App Store sometime early next year.