Break the boundaries of digital war with AR Defender 2, a tower defense game based in augmented reality.

War is a monstrous, horrific business. That said, playing at war can be fun as long as no-one is hurt for real—but while fake war is the preferable alternative, it still tends to feel kind of plastic and sanitized. Isn’t there any middle ground to be had, here? As it turns out, there is. AR Defender 2 for iOS and Android is an augmented reality title that plunks you in the center of a war that feels more real than most video game battles, but you don’t need to fear getting picked off by flying bullets.

AR Defender 2

AR Defender 2 is a tower defense game that you can play alone, or with pals over Wi-Fi. Six unlockable heroes are on-hand to help you build your defenses through nine tower styles.  Each tower has a unique way to bring the hurt to over 15 kinds of enemies across 40 levels, including flame throwers and aerial bombardment.

True to its name, you can make the battlefield in AR Defender 2 leap out of your phone/tablet and into the real world, but if things get a little too intense, you can switch out of augmented reality mode and back into the game world at any time. You can also conduct your war across multiple devices.

AR Defender 2

AR Defender 2 is free to download, and hits the App Store and Google Play on December 13. Turning your entire bedroom into a digital battlefield is certainly a unique way of fighting a war, but the merging of reality and fantasy might also make an interesting marital aid. Think about it.