Build the best monster deck you can, and then unleash it against your friends in Spellstorm

Spellstorm is an iOS-based collectable card game that features plenty of monsters, warriors, and combat. Frankly, that’s a lot less frightening than the other image that the game’s moniker conjures up—namely, a maelstrom of spelling tests sprung upon an unprepared class.


Fortunately, there is no schoolwork here. Spellstorm is about taming beasts, demons, and fiends with the power of cards (your mouse-chewed deck of Bicycle playing cards won’t suit the purpose, by the way). Players yield one of three magics—Abyssal, Ethereal, or Primal—in their campaign to become the game’s top summoner.

Hint: You can’t become the top summoner in Spellstorm unless you smash a few rivals’ faces into the dust. The game’s core concept involves PvP battles, and if you do well for yourself, you might end up at the top of the game’s leaderboards like the Lord (or Lady) you deserve to be hailed as.


But victory won’t come easy. Success in Spellstorm comes from careful deck-building, hunting down artifacts that will strengthen your summoned monsters, and strategic playing. There are free cards to collect every day which should help you along, and you can also score free cards for referring your pals. Wars were not meant to be fought alone. And even if you wind up tanking on the battlefield, at least Spellstorm features unique monster animations that can be enjoyed by serf or nobility alike.

Spellstorm is coming to the App Store soon. Do not attempt to build a house of cards out of your monster deck, or there will be trouble.