Good Old Games, a service best known for providing DRM-free downloads of classic games, has begun supporting Windows 8 officially. 431 of their games have been tested in the OS and are confirmed to work (about 90% of their content), with more additions to come in the near future. 

Admittedly, this may not mean all that much to current Windows 8 users. Most games that worked on XP or Windows 7 already work just fine on Windows 8, and as such official support doesn’t change much where that’s concerned. But it ought to at least instill a little more confidence in current Windows 8 users, and make them more certain that the game they’re about to buy will work with their OS no matter what.

Good Old Games aside, support of Windows 8 in the game community has been tepid at best. Several developers have refused to even try to get their games certified for the OS, and Gabe Newell of Valve has been very vocal about his dislike for it. On the one hand, most games (and Steam) already work fine on Windows 8, so no one is really being left high and dry. But on the other, it doesn’t bode well for Microsoft that content creators don’t want to play ball with their new OS.