Just the thing for iOS gamers longing for role-playing slot machine action! Or is that slot machine role-playing action?

I won’t even pretend to understand how this works, but King Cashing 2 is set to mash up the very disparate genres of role-playing and slots in a game that actually looks pretty cool. It’s not the first time that this has happened–the “2” in the title is evidence of that–but while the original game was decent, the developers say they’re using what they learned from that one to make the follow-up even better.

King Cashing 2

The most obvious change will be in the visual style, which will be more cohesive and appealing than the original and do away with its obvious slot machine styling. King Cashing 2 will be “a game first and a slot machine second,” and both members of your party and the enemy will be displayed prominently during battles. It will also have an actual story, albeit one that’s easily ignored by those who just want to get on with the action. And zombies!

King Cashing 2 will feature six party members to choose from, each with a unique characteristic, and who can be equipped with weapons capable of causing critical damage. There will be other tweaks and minor changes as well, and a whole lot more loot this time around, but the core mechanics will remain untouched. The game will launch with at least four unique worlds to play through, and even the music has been dramatically upgraded from the chiptunes of the original to a proper, multi-song soundtrack.

King Cashing 2

It’s a bizarre mash-up, but King Cashing 2 looks stylish and fun enough that it just might work. No release date has been set, but developer Productions Multimage says it’s “coming soon.”