What’s more retro than a movie about a beefy, shirtless barbarian? A pixel-based video game about a beefy, shirtless barbarian. Maybe you had a chance to play last year’s Tiny Barbarian, a simple but compelling side-scroller by retro game fan Michael Stearns. Now Stearns and his friend, Daniel Roth, are turning to Kickstarter in hopes of funding a remake of the game for the PC. It’s a big undertaking, even if the game’s hero is oh-so tiny.

You play through Tiny Barbarian DX as a warrior that stands at a staggering 18 pixels high, but size doesn’t matter: It’s all about how effectively you can crush your enemies and drink in the lamentations of their women. Like its predecessor, Tiny Barbarian DX is a side-scrolling hack-and-slash adventure, but it already boasts tons more sword-swinging and maiden-rescuing thanks to an improved gameplay engine. Lots of weird enemies stand in your way, including snake-worshipping cult members, white monkeys piloting and airship, and pumas made of liquid metal (they’re a bit ahead of their time).

If the Kickstarter for Tiny Barbarian DX is successful, Stearns and StarQuail Games will be able to complete the four-episode adventure. However, if the venture is especially successful, there may be more episodes.

Should you make the right choice and side with the barbarians, StarQuail is ready to reward you. Donate $8 and you’ll get the game and a bonus wallpaper. You’ll also have your name inscribed in the Hall of Heroes. Drop $20 and you’ll get the digital soundtrack in addition to the other rewards on the lower tiers. For $50, you get all the lower-tier prizes and a sweet Tiny Barbarian DX wall poster for your cave.

If you’re a really big fan of barbarians, you can pledge $70 and get the Barbarian Box, which includes a hard copy of the game, a booklet, and a DVD case with original artwork, in addition to the lower-tier prizes. $250 nets you an acrylic Tiny Barbarian painting. And for $500, you will become the Keeper of Terrible Secrets—a unique Easter Egg that only you’ll know about, and only you’ll be able to find. Can you handle the responsibility, or will you blab your secret to the world?

Interested in supporting barbarism? Visit the Kickstarter page for Tiny Barbarian DX!



Project Name: Tiny Barbarian DX
Platforms: PC, possibly others if Kickstarter is successful
Funds Needed: $12,000
Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $7,365
Days Left: 19

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