Three video games in one! Kind of.

Genre blending is all the rage these days, and I couldn’t be happier about it. There’s just something so fascinating about a developer taking two concepts we’re all familiar with, and proving they can work together in harmony. And the logical progression, of course, is upping the ante on how many genres one game is home to. It’s a dangerous approach, but the browser-based Heroes of the Realm is a game that’s bold enough to take it.

Heroes of the Realm

With ideas plucked from the simulation, card battle, and strategy genres, there’s a whole lot going on in Heroes of the Realm. Players will construct kingdoms, build up armies, and take on the gargantuan task of ruling the land. At first blush, that sounds like something we’ve done in countless games in the past. But the combat is actually card-based, and taking over the land requires the player to engage in tactics usually saved for strategy games. Wrap your brain around all that.

The game’s story is similarly bold. Several heroes were called to serve in the “Second Eternal War,” which took place in an alternate dimension. Time moves differently in each respective dimension, and although 300 years passed in their home dimension, only a single year passed in the dimension the heroes were in. When they come back from the war, they find that there’s no king, country, or home to call their own. In response, they set out to find a leader who can help them rebuild the kingdom.

And I thought my life was hard.

Heroes of the Realm

Heroes of the Realm is being published by OGPlanet, a company with more than a few popular free-to-play games under their belt. There will be a brief beta for the game between December 13 and December 17, with a proper release date likely to follow.