Take a break from the Allods Online universe to solve puzzles and go treasure hunting with Allods Adventure HD.

Allods Online is a Russian-developed MMORPG that enjoys worldwide popularity. In turn, the Rage of Mages strategy/RPG series is the basis for Allods Online. And why stop there when we can complicate things further? Allods Adventure HD captures the magic of the Allods world and re-packages it as a puzzle game for iOS.

Allods Adventure

Allods Adventure HD is based around a fantasy world that should already be familiar for fans of Allods Online. You need to help the furry Oakgrove Family dig up the Great Treasure of June, a stash that’s well-protected by the mysterious Key Masters (the Oakgroves would ask the Ewoks for help, but their brash cousins have a tendency to drink all the home-brewed wine and pass out, so nothing gets done).

Bettering the Key Masters requires solving over 20 3D mazes, each of which is guarded by various unpleasant beasts. Luckily, the Oakgroves have their own animal pals, each of whom boast a special talent that can help the family overcome problems. Nice doggies.

Allods Adventure HD is powered by the Unity3D engine, and the result is bright, attractive graphics and smooth animation. As you progress from level to level, you can unlock more of the story through painted comic pages.

Allods Adventure

The game is coming to the App Store on December 6. It’ll cost $2.99, which is a small price to pay to be adopted into a hairy but adorable family of treasure-hunters.