This is probably how Watership Down should have ended.

In our youth we harbor countless questions about the world around us. And, usually, this results in children everywhere berating their parents with inquiry after inquiry. As it turns out, bunnies do the exact same thing—at least, if Bunny Cannon is to be believed. It tells the story of a young bunny who can’t figure out where all the baby bunnies (also known as kittens) come from, and the crazy theories he comes up with when no one will answer him directly.

In Bunny Cannon you’re handed the keys to a cannon that shoots—you guessed it—bunnies, and tasked with delivering all of the bunnies in each level to the baskets below. If you picture Peggle with fluffy pegs that fall when hit, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what this game is like.

The baskets at the bottom of each level require at least a certain amount of bunnies before you can move on to the next level. Additionally, you’ll sometimes have to drop bunnies in the baskets that match their fur color. If that weren’t enough, when bunnies of the opposite color collide, it results in even more of them appearing on the playing field. In other words, they *puts on sunglasses* multiply like rabbits.

Bunny CannonBunny Cannon

The game will launch with 90 levels, each more difficult than the last. It will be all fun and games at first, but eventually you’ll have to avoid dangers like blackberry bramble and, frighteningly, owls. The creators also plan on adding more levels post-launch, and who knows what kinds of obstacles will be in those. Hopefully not General Woundwort!

Bunny Cannon is set to release in early December.