The most intense game of poker you’ll ever play.

Developer Instant Games describes Poker Knight as “the first RPPG ever.” I’m no expert, but I’m going to assume that stands for “role-playing poker game.” After all, the game features elements derived from both the RPG genre and the classic game of poker. If you think that’s absurd, just wait until you hear about the plot.

In the beginning, there was Derek—or at least in the beginning of Poker Knight. When the game starts, Derek is hanging out in a casino. But suddenly, he’s transported into a strange alternate dimension, replete with ogres, living skeletons, and other such baddies. It’s a dangerous place but, luckily for him, battles in the world are fought via poker.

The amount of damage you do in a given turn is dictated by the cards you play. If you play a regular pair, then both cards will be used in your attack against the enemy. And because all of this isn’t already crazy enough, the game will also include magic capable of strengthening the cards in your hand.

If it sounds at all like I’m mocking the game’s crazy premise, I assure you I’m not. The creators clearly have a great sense of humor about Poker Knight, as the above trailer does a great job of conveying. I mean, just look at that dude with a spade painted on his face!

There’s no release date just yet, but the game is currently in the middle of Apple’s approval process. As such, it ought to come out any day now. If you need something to tide you over until then, we recommend reading Pocket Tactics’ great interview with Leonardo Kasperavicius, one of the people working on the game.