Hit reset on the world.

We’re fascinated by the idea of post-apocalyptic life. Apocalyptic movies and games are everywhere, although no one can really agree on how the world is actually going to end. It might be nuclear war. It could perhaps be some kind of virus. Perhaps aliens will invade. Or, my personal favorite, we’ll all turn into zombies.

Year 0 is a browser and Facebook game set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been devastated by a global war. After everyone stopped fighting because, well, pretty much everyone was dead, the few remaining survivors emerged from their underground bunkers. The world as they knew it before is gone forever, and they have to build a new one. They reset the calendar to Year 0 to show that a new era has begun.

Legendary Games is developing the title, which will be a multiplayer turn-based strategy game and looks as if it will work in a similar way to Kixeye’s War Commander. Players will battle each other for control of territory and resources and can also form alliances with other players. In this way, new global super powers will emerge. The game features a sandbox world, plenty of customization options and different units that you can send to take on different tasks, such as scavenging inside buildings, removing debris from the game world and building defenses.

Year 0

The team is currently looking for Kickstarter backing for the final push in the creation of Year 0. To donate or find out more about the game, head here. If you can afford to donate £1000 or more, you will be invited to star in their opening video, set in a real nuclear bunker.

The game is due out in March, although the world is supposed to end this year on December 21, according to some interpretations of the ancient Mayan calendar, so we’ll see.