Can you keep up with Team Awesome’s non-stop action?

So how does one escape from a mind-numbing, soul-breaking dead-end job? Education is one answer; working incredibly hard and asserting yourself is another. You can also opt to throw off the shackles entirely, take a huge chance, and throw yourself headlong into a new opportunity. Or, y’know, you can just wait for a magic meteor to split up in Earth’s atmosphere and pierce you with shards that grant you magic powers. If you need a primer on that method, consult Team Awesome, an action game for iOS and Android.

Team Awesome stars four regular joes that are simply trying to eke out a living. Along comes a meteor that crashes into earth and makes everyone and everything Awesome!™ And in this awesome new reality, there is tons of stuff to break, collect, and punch.

Each of the four characters in Team Awesome has his or her own storyline that’s broken up across 40 episodes and 120 missions. The game technically plays like an endless runner, but there are no instant deaths. Instead, you smash through objects until your supply of aptly-named Awesonium crystals runs dry. That gives you plenty of time to crush robots, aliens, and toxic spiders. If you need a break from massacring the wildlife, you can make the acquaintance of a whole bunch of costume-clinging cats. And while you’re wandering off the beaten path, so to speak, break out the cape and try flying instead of walking/running. Quit using your legs like a sucker.

Team Awesome

Team Awesome comes to iOS on November 29, and will hit Android at an unspecified date. Take note: If you’re stuck in a dead-end job for reals, it’s not recommended that you wedge shards of anything into your skin, especially anything that’s glowing.