Help a whimsical king navigate the skies safely with Kings Can Fly

Kings can boss around whomever they want, though they tend to be unsuccessful when ordering gravity around. Gravity is its own dude, and it doesn’t let up just because a fellow in a robe roared, “Do as I say!” But even kings like to fly from time to time, and you can help one particularly wistful monarch fulfill his dream with Kings Can Fly, a puzzle game for iOS and Android.

Kings Can Fly stars an engineer that seeks to bring joy to her ground-sick sovereign through the magic of airships. Your job is to make sure they have a safe flight path so that they don’t hit the side of a mountain and make a big royal fire out of the king’s broken body. Each of the game’s 60 levels is grid-based and filled with traps and hazards that you need to overcome with unique solutions. For instance, if a mountain is in the way of the king’s good time, you can place a fan to get some extra lift to help you clear it.

The puzzles in Kings Can Fly start out simple, but gradually get more difficult: in time, you need to find ways to steer clear of whirlwinds and barred gates. By the end of the game, each level becomes positively maze-like, and navigating each one requires a quick mind and a little foresight.

Kings Can Fly

Kings Can Fly comes to iOS and Android on November 22. Kings can fly. You just need to believe. And stock up on fans and helium.