The world is now one big video game. Kind of.

Augmented reality is a strange thing. There’s no denying it has potential, but few games have used it to any great success. With the upcoming Ingress for Android, Google is hoping to change that. We can only hope they’ll incorporate their famous driverless car somehow.

Creepy car or not, Ingress promises to plunge players into a world of conspiracy and intrigue. A strange energy has arrived on earth, and its intentions are unknown. One group wants to “embrace” the energy, while another wants to defend the world from its very presence. You’ll be able to decide which of these factions you want to join, though be warned you may end up in a slapping fight with someone from the other.

Playing Ingress requires you to walk about the real world, Android device in hand, and locate various “portals.” If you manage to take over and connect three of them, then that territory becomes yours. Or at least, it becomes yours in the game. Don’t expect people to bow down to you or anything while you walk down the street.

You’ll also be able to pick up weapons and other helpful objects, as well as team up with other members of your faction. If one of those aforementioned slapping fights happens, having another person to help wouldn’t be the worst idea.


Ingress is currently in closed beta, and those interested can sign up here. Additionally, Google has set up a site where players can read up on what’s been discovered about the world of Ingress so far. It’ll be interesting to see how many people bite once the game is live, as I imagine it will require a decent amount of players for it to be fun. After all, what’s the fun in owning territory if there’s no one competing with you?