One can only hope Thomas the Tank Engine will be DLC

Growing up, I had a pretty intense fascination with trains. Something about their massive size and cacophonous horns appealed to me, and as such I owned quite a few miniature ones. This is something I think a lot of people can relate to, as most youngsters I meet even now seem to have an affinity for all things locomotive. Developer Realore Games is looking to take advantage of that universal love with Jet Trains, a frantic racing game featuring stunts, power-ups, and a dude named General Hellhoffen.

Jet Trains

A game about train racing doesn’t necessarily require a story, but Realore went ahead and baked one in: Your father, the leader of a train racing gang, was killed by the devious General Hellhoffen. Being the vengeful person that you are, you begin racing Hellhoffen’s cronies and other gang members, all in the name of meeting up with and besting the general in a race. What, did you think you’d kill Hellhoffen? Don’t be so crude.

Picture NES classic Excitebike from a top-down perspective, with train tracks replacing the dirt paths. Now, throw competitive gameplay and myriad power-ups into the mix. Wicked jumps and all, that comes pretty close to what Jet Trains is like. And because this is no longer the ’80s, you’ll earn currency as you go, which in turn can be spent on customizing and improving your train. I, for one, plan on coloring my train completely pink, and then equipping it with a bunch of jets.

Jet Trains

We don’t have a release date just yet, but seeing as how it’s an iOS game, there’s a good chance we’ll be playing it sooner rather than later.