Run through the jungle and tear up some bad guys with Little Amazon

cTools Studio gifted us with a Kung-Fu Rabbit earlier in the year, and now the studio is trying its hand at developing an Amazon heroine of portable proportions. Little Amazon is an iOS platforming game that should make you feel like slapping a still-bloody leopard skin across your bare shoulders by the time you’re done with it.

Little Amazon

You play through Little Amazon as Lily, a young female warrior living a quiet life in a quiet forest—until the day the Fairy King is blasted into a deep sleep by the evil Gruul. When Gruul starts rampaging and terrorizing the forest’s inhabitants, Lily decides it’s time to fight back.

Running and jumping is the order of the day in Little Amazon. You tear through the forest, navigate tricky terrain, and save animals with powers named “The Flying Cloud,” “Meteor Rain,” and “Attack of the Clones” (if someone tells you to obey Order 66, plug your ears—just in case). You can collect coins and save your animal pals in order to gain new powers and upgrade the ones you already have. Needless to say, Gruul’s henchmen get nastier the further you get in the game.

Little Amazon

Little Amazon is free to play, and features HD graphics that are optimized for the iPhone 5. It’s also playable on AppleTV in 720p resolution, and you can save on iCloud. The game hits the App Store on November 22, so go on and empower yourself by wrestling a gorilla to the ground.