The biggest game show question in the world is coming to iOS. How will you answer?

Psst. Wanna play a game show on your iOS device? All right, deal. No wait—no deal. Er, to clarify, you’ll soon be able to play Deal or No Deal on your iPhone and iPad thanks to iWin and GREE.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is based around the highly popular game show franchise that originated in the Netherlands. The game is popular for its models and its briefcases—a whole lot of briefcases. Each briefcase contains a prize, including cash and maybe even Marcellus Wallace’s soul. Okay, there isn’t a soul to be found, and anyway, the value of each briefcase’s contents is made clear at the beginning of the game, though you have no idea which case actually contains which prize.

That’s why you need to choose cases, remove them from the game, and consider the banker’s offer to buy the cases (“Deal”) or keep on playing (“No deal”). Like its source material, the digital version of Deal or No Deal is easy to play. There’s no trivia, no need to eat bugs: You need only answer to “Deal, or No Deal?” If luck isn’t on your side, you’ll know it soon enough.

 Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal hits the App Store soon.