All the good banana puns have been taken, haven’t they?

Does anyone reading this preview happen to be friends with a gorilla? I always imagined them to be super friendly creatures, so long as you didn’t try to fight them or poach their family or anything. And the upcoming Banana Kong for iOS gives me hope that I’m right. I mean, just look at how happy that gorilla is! He seems like the kind of guy you could relax and have a banana milkshake with.

It’s pretty clear why he’s as cheerful as he is: there are bananas everywhere. The caveat, of course, is that he needs to run around and grab them. His ability to run endlessly without tiring certainly helps, as do the various animals he rides with reckless abandon. And to say nothing of his makeshift parachute that allows him to hover in the sky for an extended period.

Of course, there will be bumps in the road. Obstacles like massive boulders and boiling lava stand in his way, because nature is a cruel beast. He’ll also probably experience some pretty painful stomach cramps from eating so many bananas, but I don’t understand the anatomy of a gorilla enough to say that with certainty. Clearly, the public schooling system has failed me.

Banana Kong

Banana Kong launches in January of next year, and will be a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.