Even cavemen need to wind down, so build up your own stone-age Disneyworld with Prehistoric Park.

History tells us that prehistoric man was preoccupied with battling starvation, sickness, and the elements, so he probably didn’t have much time for leisure. Well, as it turns out, history doesnt know everything. Prehistoric Park for iOS and Android is proof that cavemen built sprawling amusement parks for good times. Archeologists just haven’t told us yet because they don’t want any outsiders hogging the stone slide.


You might be surprised to learn that cavemen games went beyond “Cleave Your Enemy’s Skull for Points, and “Slice the Mammoth’s Achilles Tendon to Make it Topple (Not On You).” In fact, Prehistoric Park lets you build dozens of attractions that utilize stone, skins, and dinosaurs in amazing new ways. Swing on vines! Get in a few rounds of “Whack-a-Dacytl!” Ride roller coasters made of sticks and stones (hey, they were building them like that clear through the 1980’s). You can even slide down an Apatosaurus’ back, though it’s not recommended that you try the same on a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Prehistoric Park also requires you to hire workers and install appropriate facilities, like food stands and washrooms. Bushes will not suffice for the latter, though you can also plant flowers, exotic trees, statues, and totems. Hey, your guests are cavemen, but they’re not barbarians.

Prehistoric Park

Being a social game, you can play it along with friends and share achievements. You can also exchange bad ideas, like surrounding your roller coasters with food stands so that your guests gorge themselves before riding.

Prehistoric Park hits Android and iOS later this Fall.