Playing a mobile game with a virtual on-screen d-pad often feels as natural as drinking a tall cup of crushed glass. As a result, games that should theoretically be wonderful make you want to put your fist through a pile of bricks. Golden Ruby, a two-man indie game team, understands that virtual d-pads are wretched, which is why it’s conjured up an intuitive alternative for its upcoming game Worm Run.

Golden Ruby describes Worm Run as a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Temple Run. Indeed, footage of the game reveals a title that challenges you to run like hell and keep away from the jaws of a ravenous, level-eating worm—but at the same time, you need to tackle complex platforming challenges and even alter the landscape to always stay one step ahead of Wormy.

Worm Run is not a game that can be successfully played with fiddly controls, which is why Golden Ruby has already engineered and positively play-tested a swipe-based control system. In fact much of the game is already in place, and Golden Ruby is asking for a paltry $3200 to get the graphics and sound as polished as they’d like.


If you decide to pledge your support, you can reap all kinds of neat stuff. For $3, you’ll receive an iOS download of Worm Run, plus a virtual high-five (which is the real reward). For $8, you’ll get the game plus an unlockable skin for its fleet-footed hero, Zeke. For $40, you’ll be allowed to play-test Worm Run.

On the higher end of the donation tier, $100 will get you a worm plush that won’t eat your face. For $300, your face will be etched into the game’s background, allowing you to terrify thousands of children world-wide. And for $500, you’ll be allowed to choose Zeke’s middle name! Said name must be approved by Golden Ruby first, so no bad words allowed (presumably).

Want to show your support for heroes that can’t detach themselves from the looming possibility of a horrible end regardless of how far and fast they run? Visit the Kickstarter page for Worm Run.

Project Name: Worm Run
Platforms: iOS
Funds Needed: $3200
Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $1,746
Days Left: 25

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