That’s a whole lot of Eden!

If it just so happens that you’re a horrible person who wishes that retro RPGs would go away, you’re boned! They’re alive and well, thanks to studios like Blossomsoft. The developer’s latest game, Eternal Eden: Ecclesia, is a sequel to the highly popular Eternal Eden, and its screenshots alone will have you pining for the days of SNES.

Eternal Eden: Ecclesia

The story picks up quite a while after the original game, and tells a rather interesting tale of good vs. evil. The people of Ecclesia have found themselves back in the real world, lacking any memory of what happened before or what on earth is going on. An angel named Gethsemane the Righteous One wants to cast them back into nothingness for their past sins, and their only hope to stay alive is through a demon known as The Despair.

Alongside this epic tale, Ecclesia will be home to a host of different sidequests, mini-games, and puzzles, and also a battle system that enables players to interact with the environment mid-fight. And if you immensely dislike grinding, rejoice! Defeated enemies don’t respawn, and the game’s pacing and difficulty curve make grinding for levels a non-issue.

Eternal Eden: Ecclesia

Although players journeyed between two separate worlds in Eternal Eden, Ecclesia is changing up that dynamic a bit, featuring a single world that’s affected by four different “reality paradigms.” It’s unsure as of now what role this will have on the gameplay, but it’s pretty clear that it’ll do something.

Eternal Eden: Ecclesia is set to arrive in Q1 of next year, available for both PC and Mac. The creator is currently running an Indiegogo campaign, and it sounds like the game could arrive on other platforms if enough money is raised. We shall see!