1 vs 100 brings the game show hit to your mobile devices.

When you hear about a game called “1 vs 100,” your mind starts to cook up some really interesting scenarios. One human, armed only with the power of love, versus 100 robots. One modern-day Amazon with a spear against 100 hungry lions. One karate master against 100 monkeys with flaming knives.

1 vs 100

But as it so happens, 1 vs 100 on the App Store is actually a digital adaptation of the popular game show from the Netherlands. Oh well, that’s still pretty cool. We can save the monkey knives on fire for another time.

The 1 vs 100 iOS game works much like the game show. You are one person, and you are up against 100 others—also known as “The Mob”—for a cash prize. The Mob is asked a question, and has a set amount of time to lock in an answer. Then you (as “The One”) are allowed the chance to answer. The Mob members that answered correctly stay on board while the losers shuffle off, which means your next round is against the Mob’s sharper minds—unless you screw up and lose your money before you manage to pick off the entire horde.

1 vs 100

The 1 vs 100 video game lets you play solo against a Mob with artificial intelligence, or else you can compete against friends in a tournament. When you get bored of testing one another in battles of wits, you can just trade your phones for sticks and start up that more violent rendition of 1 vs 100 that you’ve undoubtedly been aching to play.