Indulge in some intense platforming with Gear Jack

Planning a trip into space? Word of advice: Avoid black holes. They’re kind of hard to escape from. Once you become trapped in one of these giant gravity wells, your body begins to undergo, erm, “spaghettification,” which is as unpleasant as it sounds. Best case scenario, you’ll survive somehow and just come out of the experience much taller and thinner. Worst case scenario, being crushed against gravity’s bosom will drive you utterly mad, which is the fate of the crew in Gear Jack for iOS.

Gear Jack is a platformer that’s particularly heavy on jumping and sliding mechanics. Jack, a little robot, needs to work his way across 30 levels to find help for his pals, all of whom have been afflicted by the special kind of madness that only a black hole EMP can bestow.

Needless to say, the journey’s not easy. Each world that Jack runs through is thick with tricks, traps, enemies, and pools of acid. And even though the game’s name is “Gear Jack,” Jack is better off avoiding the acres of gears that churn in many stages; those big beasts can rip the finish right off a robot.

Jack can run and jump like a champ, but his real specialty appears to be sliding. He can navigate tight crevices like a champ thanks to his ability to roll up into a form that’s not unlike Samus Aran’s famous Morph Ball. Jack can also visit a “character garage” and tailor his abilities to suit his needs from level to level.

Gear Jack

Gear Jack

Gear Jack hits the App Store on November 15. Remember, if that intergalactic taco stand you have your eye on is situated near a black hole, it’s best to just drive on by.