Because no one deserves a life without fruit.

Fruit is a bit of a contentious thing. We all love it, but it’s rare to see any two people agree on which kind they enjoy most. I’m a peach man, and the amount of times I’ve had to argue why they’re superior to mangoes or pineapples is surely in the triple digits. But whether we agree or disagree on the matter, I think it’s universally accepted that no fruit at all would be a horrible thing. This is the fate the adorable animals of Nomsters are trying to prevent, and they need our help.

As the trailer (above) does a fantastic job of showing, Nomsters plays a bit like pinball, albeit with animals and delicious fruit taking the place of flashing lights and a boring metal ball. There’s also less of an emphasis on racking up mad points, and more on grabbing as much fruit as possible in any given level. If you’re really good, you’ll manage to grab every piece. And yes, that means scooping up the types of fruit you immensely dislike.

Along with the visual benefit of being cute, every animal in the game will have a helpful ability all their own. I, for one, would love to know what “Bumpy Beaver” is capable of. I’m also pretty anxious to see what “Li’l Sugar” can do.


And in one of the stranger game promotions we’ve ever seen, the team behind Nomsters will go up against renowned competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi in a fruit eating contest when 1 billion pieces of fruit are collected in the game. Do hotdogs count as fruit?

Nomsters will be free to play, and launches on iOS November 12. An Android release is planned, though a release date hasn’t been announced just yet.