Heal ailing monsters with Monster Hospital

The very possibility of monsters lurking in the dark worries some kids sick (as well as some adults that are less apt to admit that they’re afraid of what might be slithering under the bed), but what happens when monsters get sick? They go to a place that the Canadian indie rock band Metric once sang about: The Monster Hospital.

Monster Hospital for iOS is a time-management game that features some very fuzzy patients and staff. Your job is to treat the beasties that come walking into your triage with very monster-specific problems, like indigestion from eating homework and monstrous cases of hangover (it’s rough being a party animal of legendary proportions).

Humans already know that hospitals are always busy even though nobody wants to be there. Apparently, the same holds true for monsters. You need to get patients through triage as quickly as possible, preferably without any malpractice suits. You use diagnostic equipment to identify and treat each monster’s problem, and you earn coins when they’re all healed up (monsters apparently don’t believe in socialized health care). You can pay those coins back into the hospital by upgrading your equipment, or you can hire more staff to help run your mean green health machine a little more smoothly.

Monster Hospital

Monster Hospital

You can also clone new staff, though some stuck-up human doctors might argue that violates the Hippocratic Oath. Good thing you’re a monster doctor.

Monster Hospital comes to the App Store on November 15. It might be a good idea to make sure you’ve had all your shots before hanging out with a bunch of monsters, doctors or no.