Skate and bike on MegaRamps around the world

Do you have a bike? Hey, that’s great! Here’s what you need to do. Tear off that basket, throw out that bell, and pluck those ghastly baseball cards and tennis balls from the wheel spokes. Now wheel your awesome new bike out to the biggest ramp you can find, rip down it, and go flying. Or, if you’re working on getting your stores of courage built up, you can practice with MegaRamp, a stunt game for iOS and Android.

MegaRamp lets you skate and bike down and across several MegaRamp event locations—all in stomach-flipping high-definition 3D. You can sail down the incline and scream your head off, or you can do what you’re supposed to do: tricks galore. There are over 55 skate-based tricks to master in MegaRamp, and over 40 BMX-based skills to perfect, too.

You’re coached through the game by champion skaters and BMX riders, including Danny Way, Pierre Gagnon, Adam Taylor, Kevin Robinson, Vince Byron, and Morgan Wade. Pro athletes also helped with MegaRamp‘s graphics via motion capture sessions.

 MegaRamp     MegaRamp

Maybe one gigantic wooden incline is the same as another to some people, but if you’re a stickler for variety in your stunts, MegaRamp has you covered. Look forward to playing on MegaRamps located in New York City, the Great Wall of China, Mexico City, Zurich, and lots more. As you conquer cities around the world, you can also brag to your friends worldwide via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

MegaRamp hits Android and iOS in November and December respectively. Don’t forget your helmet—the one with the daisies on it should be fine.