The future of gaming is impossible to pin down, and anyone who says otherwise is full of baloney. But phones and tablets replacing home consoles is a popular theory, and one that the success of the Ouya has shown carries plenty of weight. And if that weren’t enough to make you believe, Green Throttle Games has announced the Atlas Controller, a wireless controller that pairs with your Android device, enabling you to play Android games on your TV screen.

Green Throttle Games was co-founded by Charles Huang (co-creator of the Guitar Hero series) and Matt Crowley (led product teams at Nokia, Palm, and Philips Electronic). Huang in particular knows a thing or two about peripherals, and it shows with the Atlas Controller. Featuring two analog sticks and a black-and-green aesthetic, it’s certainly a sight to behold:


And unfortunately, behold is all we’ll be able to do for a bit. The controller isn’t available for consumer purchase just yet, although developers can get their hands on a kit here. And the more who purchase one, the better. The Atlas Controller doesn’t work with any old game, and instead requires developers to get their games up and running with it.

The press release promises an announcement regarding consumer pricing and a release date “in the near future,” so we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.