Rule Earth’s dwindling resources in Dominator, a turn-based strategy game for Facebook.

Imagine it is the future. Possibly a very grim, dark future with lots of violence and partial nudity. Would humanity band together and strive to live in the smoggy, poisoned environment? Would we scratch together and pool our meager supplies in hopes of surviving for as long as possible? No! We’d grab whatever ammunition remained and pick one another off to become the lord (or lady) of Earth’s dwindling resources! For a grim preview of what your future holds, consult Dominator, a turn-based strategy game for Facebook.


Dominator casts you as a post-apocalyptic survivor who’s decided to thrive instead of merely survive. You fight other warlords—in this case, Facebook contacts—in a struggle to grab as much territory as possible. Hey, it may be scorched and irradiated, but it’s home.

Before you can rule with an iron fist, you need to plan. You have to build up your military, produce armored vehicles, and snatch up whatever’s left of the global oil supply. You also need to build and upgrade your home base, because you can be sure that your rivals won’t stand by and knit sweaters while you move in on their territory.

Battles in Dominator are turn-based. You make your move, and your rival makes his or hers. Playing against a human opponent makes for a random and unpredictable experience, but foresight and strategy is still key: your machines and your human units all have different strengths and weaknesses, and you need to move accordingly if you ever want the opportunity to loll on a throne made of tin cans and rusted scrap.

Dominator comes to Facebook in December.