Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf series of gamebooks is finally getting the videogame treatment.

Lone Wolf is a popular series of gamebooks created by Joe Dever, 28 in all, that were first published back in 1984. The books follow the adventures of Lone Wolf, the last of the warrior monks known as the Kai Lords; readers make choices throughout the stories that affect the course and the outcome of each book. The Lone Wolf series ceased publication in 1998 but a strong following in Europe led to subsequent republication of the books and now, thanks to a partnership between Atlantyca Entertainment and Forge Replay, it will soon be coming to video games.

A new website at promises “an exciting and unique ‘Read and Play’ experience,” and also shows off some very impressive environment and character concept art, creature models and more. Players will solve puzzles and take part in “stunning 3D combat with cinematic fight scenes” through the adventure.

Lone Wolf

It sounds a little more interactive than the usual gamebook fare, but how far it will push the line between “gamebook” and “game” remains to be seen. The Lone Wolf announcement trailer is very cool and looks great, but isn’t terribly informative beyond the fact that the game is in development. One thing that is known, however, and that should be very encouraging for fans is that Dever is actively involved in the project.

“The development team grew up reading my ‘Lone Wolf‘ adventure gamebooks. They are all devoted fans of the creatures, the characters, and the many stories I have written about Lone Wolf and the world of Magnamund,” Dever said. “It is a genuine delight for me to be working with such a talented team that understand and share my original vision.”

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is expected to come out sometime in 2013, although a specific release date and platforms have not yet been announced. The game will be officially unveiled at the Lucca Comics and Games Show, which takes place in Lucca, Italy, later this month.