FreeSkate Xtreme is more than an endless skating game. Is your body ready?

Skateboarding isn’t a crime, man. Free yourself! Grind that rail! Skate or die!—unless, y’know, you don’t want to make a fuss or tick anyone off. If you’d like a little warm-up before you spraypaint “NO RULES” on your on board and hit the pavement, you can try out FreeSkate Xtreme for iOS. It’s a skating title that you play with your whole body, but if you wipe out you won’t leave a streak of your own skin across the pavement. Score!

FreeSkate Xtreme

FreeSkate Xtreme works quite a bit like a portable Kinect title. You tilt and shift your iOS device to skate, steer, grind, and jump over obstacles, but you use your body to perform the really cool stuff. When it’s time for you to shine, the iDevice’s camera puts your face on screen in real-time, and your head movements translates into in-game movement. In other words, all that grinding and jumping is the small stuff, but when the call comes to dodge bullets, your whole being gets involved.

The bullet-dodging portions of the game are called “bullet moments” (kind of like “bullet time,” but “bullet moments” somehow sounds more intimate, as if tea is involved), and they’re meant to add a new, if potentially deadly, dimension to FreeSkate Xtreme‘s endless skating action. Man, someone in that game world is really nursing a hate-on for skateboarders.

Freeskate Xtreme is coming to the App Store later in November for $.99. No posers allowed!