Space wants to have words with you in EEK!

EEK!” is an apt name for a game about space, especially a game about the things in space that want to smash you into oblivion. No, it’s not enough that space detests you for being a living, breathing animal that likes things like regulated temperatures and equalized pressure: Space needs to make sure that it’s throwing stuff at you for good measure.

EEK! is a space-based shooting game by David Buttress, a veteran game developer who worked with Rare before going off on his own to create On the Wind for iOS. EEK! is his next project. The arcade-style title challenges you to dodge asteroids, debris, and explosions long enough to swoop in and grab the gold that the asteroids leave behind (asteroids are not composed of nickel, rock, iron, or ice—no, there’s gold in them thar craters). The more gold you grab, the more you can upgrade your ship. The better your ship, the less the aforementioned asteroids will be able to push you around. In fact, you’ll be able to fight back.

EEK‘s art style is especially unique. You’ve heard of text-based adventures, but how about text-based shooters? Even though the controls for EEK! are tilt-based, everything that flies at you—not to mention your spaceship—is labeled accordingly. So instead of dodging asteroids, you’re dodging the word “Asteroid,” and scuttling out of the way of the word “Explosion.” Your life is confusing enough, so hopefully these labels will help keep your head clear of clutter.


EEK! hits the App Store on November 6.